Thank You for Making Our Spring JDRF One Walk a Success!


Thank you to all our Vermont JDRF One Walk teams, walkers and sponsors that joined us on May 23. We united virtually as one community with one mission and accomplished an incredible feat. Together, we moved steps forward toward a world without T1D. It was incredibly inspiring seeing all the photos and videos of your walk days—no matter how that looked for you!

We know that all of you have spent months telling your T1D stories and fundraising and we are so grateful for your efforts and continued support! Combined the Spring and Fall Walks have raised more than $28 million for JDRF! To our JDRF One Walk family, thank you for making T1D history!

Congratulations to our Top 5 Teams!

  1. Hans’ Heros
  2. Team D for Diabetes
  3. Team Emily
  4. Team Rouleau
  5. Winstons Walk

Thank you to the V1P Walkers who raised $1,000+ individually!

  • Hans Huber
  • Damon Fitch
  • Michael and Danielle Perry

Special thanks to Lilly Diabetes!

Lilly Diabetes is proud to participate as a national corporate JDRF One Walk team. For nearly 100 years, Lilly Diabetes has been committed to meeting the everyday needs of people with diabetes through medicines, support programs and more. The nurses and pharmacists at Lilly Diabetes Solution Center are here for one reason: helping people. People with diabetes who are struggling to afford their Lilly insulin can call this center at 833-808-1234 to speak with someone who understands. Based on individual circumstances, we may be able to help people meaningfully lower the amount they pay for Lilly insulin. We’re standing by for your call, Monday through Friday.

We are truly grateful for all of your support and efforts! YOU are creating a world without T1D!