From T1D to V1P!

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Thank you for being a 2021 JDRF One Walk V1P! You are part of a community within JDRF that is exclusively awarded to our top 5% of fundraisers who individually raise $1,000 or more.

When you participate in JDRF One Walk, the money you raise supports life-changing breakthroughs that give hope to everyone impacted by this disease. And, you’ll have a great time doing it! That’s because you’ll walk with a committed community that is passionate about doing whatever it takes to live in a world without T1D.

If there ever was a community that can show the world that it is #strongertogether, it’s the JDRF One Walk family. Together we will make the 2021 JDRF One Walk a success by raising the funds needed to keep JDRF research efforts thriving.


This group of exceptional people are V1P fundraisers who go above and beyond in their fundraising efforts because they know every dollar that JDRF is able to direct towards research helps turn type one into type none! Check back leading up to Walk Day on October 2 to see who is a V1P!

Walkers who raise $1,000 or more by Walk Day will be recognized as V1Ps and receive a V1P collectible lapel pin, lanyard, and a special note of thanks in the mail. Back again—V1Ps will also receive a premium JDRF One Walk V1P t-shirt.

Gracie, Colleen, Tony, Giuseppe & Mags Azzarello

Carolynne Benedetto

Katherine Bennett

Mary-Regina and David Bennett

Bob Bittelari

Crista Bode

Jill Bouley

Grace Bowman

Chloe Brown

Lauren Buckman

Tom and Pat Buckman

Anna Carson

Tracy Carson

Pj Carter

Meghan Clark

Michelle Clark

Brian Colton

Keryn Corr

Taylor Corr

David Cotney

Thomas Cox

Kathryn Crooke

Natalie Croteau

Cate Demopoulos

Shelley DiBenedetto

Alfred Drouin

Madeleine Drouin

Noah Drummey

John & Ruthanne Durnan

Kristine Eason

Margaret Easson

Bonnie & Evan Ellis

Hunter Fedan

Noah Gardner

Carol Gay

David Gay

Jason Gay

Matthew Gay

Stacey Gay

Emmie Gilchrist

Susan Halliday

Natalie Kessler

Jennifer Knapp

John Kraemer

Marianne Lincoln

Gabrielle Liverant

Talia Liverant

Sheri Lough

Keira Lowney

Jess Lowry

Florence Lucarelli

Louis Masiello

Kameron McCafferty

Marcia McChesney

Dennis McHugh

Kristen Messier

Peyton Murray

Jamie O’Riordan

Emily Osborne

Scott Osborne

Kerrie Otipoby

Andree Perkins

Sarah Polk

Rebecca Pouliot

Bill Power

Ethan Ravid

Jonathan Regan

Rooney Regan

Lara and Bill Riley

Paige Ringuette

Shelby Saad-Callahan

Abigail Seachrist

Sydney Simoes

Leah Suarez

Brian Sullivan

Kadey Vannett

Alannah Waisel

Declan Warren

Keith Wexelblatt

Trent Wright

Debra Zalvan