July Cure Champions


The JDRF Greater New England chapter is delighted to welcome its newly-elected community board members beginning July 1. The Board of Directors is committed to serving as champions for JDRF’s vision and mission—accelerating the development of cures and to create new treatments and technologies to keep people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) as healthy as possible until we do. They play a pivotal role in cultivating meaningful connections for JDRF that proactively drive fundraising to fulfill JDRF’s mission. Please welcome: 

Doug Cornelius
Chief Compliance Officer, Beacon Capital Partners
“I was chosen for the T1D community in 2018 when my son was diagnosed on his 14th birthday. JDRF was there to help my family understand what happened, how we can manage it, and to let us know that everything is going to be okay. (Including, specifically, a few current members of the board.) I want to be there to make sure the next family has this same kind of support and for JDRF to let them know it will be okay. Maybe, some day, with the efforts of JDRF we’ll be able to find a cure.”

Phyllis Grant
Director of Student Accounts and Assistant Director, Financial Aid, Shady Hill School
“I strongly believe in the mission of JDRF to provide research dollars in the fight for a cure of T1D. I support JDRF’s desire to enhance the lives of those affected by T1D. The board of JDRF should be reflective of the entire community it serves. This is the only way to ensure that we are effectively responding to our entire community. It would be an honor to help JDRF move forward as a more inclusive organization.”

Dawn McGrew
JDRF Gala—One Night, Procurement Chair
“In my experience, JDRF is a very good steward of their funds raised. Our son, Peter, has benefitted from research funded by JDRF and the organization’s Advocacy work to educate and raise awareness of T1D among Members of Congress; CGM, insulin pump, insulin insurance coverage, insulin and supply accessibility. For those reasons, we will always support JDRF whether I am on the board or not. I look forward to taking an active role in helping our local JDRF chapter grow and develop into a stronger, more cohesive chapter that can steward outreach and fundraising in order to support the JDRF mission.”