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Fitness Tracking, JDRF & Your Company
Fitness tracking has been a mainstay in employee health and wellness programs for several years, and JDRF has been helping many companies leverage JDRF One Walk to build positive corporate culture. Our fitness tracking integration can engage and deliver more profound and meaningful employee engagement!

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Why T1D & JDRF, & Why Today?
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a chronic, life-threatening autoimmune disease currently unpreventable and incurable. 1.6 million Americans are living with T1D; by 2050, that number is expected to increase to 5 million . Today, the financial cost of diabetes, both type 1 and 2, exceeds $245 billion each year. JDRF research drives better treatments and therapies to reduce the financial burden on the healthcare system and employers. The COVID-19 pandemic has put research at risk, and we can’t afford to fall behind.

Challenge employees to reach a shared goal

  • Set a company-wide goal for fundraising and mileage. Work with your JDRF staff partner to identify meaningful goals that help tell your employee engagement/corporate mission story.
  • Enlist support from the senior leaders at your company.
  • Inspire & incentivize your employees to participate by using matches for fundraising and/or mileage achievements.
  • Perfect for: Companies who thrive working together to achieve big goals.

Engage departments/teams in a challenge

  • Opportunity for your organization to mobilize, unify and engage the largest base of employees across multiple locations.
  • Your organization’s different departments/teams can challenge each other in friendly competition through fundraising and mileage goals.
  • Though many teams/departments will set their own goals, consider setting a company-wide goal so that your departments/teams know what to shoot for.
  • Enlist support from department leaders.
  • Consider offering an exciting prize for the winning team that creates excitement in your company culture.
  • Perfect for companies with many departments/teams and revel in competition.

Challenge another company/organization

  • Challenge a business you work with, a like company, or even another One Walk Corporate Partner. Work with your JDRF staff partner to pick the right challenge for your company.
  • Engage leadership from both organizations in the challenge publicly.
  • Consider offering two incentives, one for your employees and one to excite and inspire the other company.
  • Perfect for: Companies that have been participating as a One Walk team for some time are looking for something new.

Make milestones fun & connected to JDRF and/or your Company’s mission
Here are some suggested milestones:

  • 65 miles for the 1 in 65 people expected to have T1D by 2050
  • First 1.6 miles – in recognition of the 1.6M Americans who live with T1D
  • First 50 miles – in honor of JDRF’s 50 years of progress
  • 64,000 or 64 – how many adults are diagnosed with T1D each year
  • Circle the earth or travel to the moon
  • Tie your mileage goal to the number of employees in your company or another significant number

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