Spotlight on: Katina Mein, Pedaling Toward a Cure

If you could sit in a room amongst just 480 people that raised over $1.7 million, in support of a better life, treatments, and a cure for those affected by type 1 diabetes, would you want to?  Would you want to be in a room filled with so much laughter, so many amazing stories, and HOPE that you are literally brought to tears, because you KNOW without a doubt that what you’re doing, what this room is doing, is going to change the course of this disease?  Would you want to be a part of a program that provides you with amazing cheerleaders that motivate you to keep going by taking your mind off of self-doubt, and forcing you to refocus on why you joined this phenomenal group to begin with? Would you want to embark upon a journey that leads to an amazing sense of accomplishment, memories that will last a lifetime, and friendships that will easily withstand distance, because your hearts are in the same place?

If you want to be a part of THIS, join our Houston ride team.  Be a part of the celebration in Amelia Island, FL, October 4-7th, which will commemorate the impact that the Ride to Cure Diabetes program has had on type 1 diabetes, the last 20 years.  Better yet, be a part of the impact!  Because what I described above isn’t just something that I made up in hopes of recruiting riders, it’s what I was fortunate enough to experience last year, when I participated in my first ride. 

For more information, I encourage you to email me, Katina Mein at or call (713)401-3152.  I’d love for you to join Team Houston!