Meet this year’s 2019 One Dream Gala Fund A Cure family – the Lachers


A look inside their family’s story of life with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Joe and Marisue were just dating when he was first diagnosed in college thirty years ago. As a young man with the world before him, he refused to let T1D make him any different. He decided then that he would not let diabetes define his future.

Years later, at the age of nine, their son Patrick was diagnosed. Marisue now suddenly understood in greater detail all that Joe had been quietly dealing with for so many years. As a family, they now had to develop a new normal that included the 24/7 management of T1D for a father and son.

And just as they thought they had found their new normal, their youngest, Tommy, was diagnosed at the age of thirteen. With all three of the Lacher men now living with this disease, Marisue was heartbroken. T1D can beat you down, especially times three.



Over the years, the Lachers’ story of living with T1D has become easier and yet harder. Easier because JDRF research developments in managing T1D have helped in real-time. But also harder because it is so difficult for them to watch this disease affect more members of their family. We have to stop it now for the Lachers and the millions living with T1D.

For Joe, Patrick, Tommy and the millions of people living with T1D, we are grateful for your commitment. Please consider making a Fund A Cure gift today. All donations to Fund A Cure directly support JDRF research programs that accelerate cures and help people stay as healthy as possible until that day comes.

Stay tuned for more details about this amazing family’s story and join us on Saturday, December 14 to hear from them in person!