FY23 JDRF Mid-Atlantic Chapter Board Update


Community Board Members make JDRF a “top three” philanthropic priority in contributions of their time, talent, treasure, and ties to assist the JDRF Mid-Atlantic chapter to achieve its goal of sustained, year-over-year growth to meet JDRF’s mission-related funding priorities. We are so grateful for their continued support.

The JDRF Mid-Atlantic Chapter is HONORED TO THANK the Community Board Members at the end of their term as of June 30, 2022.

Beth Austin (VA)
Donna Batzel (VA)
Amy Eisner (DC)
Linda Garbee (VA)
Margaret Himelfarb (MD)
Bryan Horn (VA)
Brynn Marks (DC)
Paul Ryan (DC)
Audra Shekleton (VA)
Dave Shuster (MD)
Anita Simmons (DC)
Kim Tilley (DC)
Alli Weir (MD)

The JDRF Mid-Atlantic Chapter will have a new Volunteer Leadership Structure as of July 1, 2022 and moving forward that will include one (1) Chapter-wide Community Board and three (3) Mission Boards – one in each market of Virginia, Maryland and metro DC. All these Boards will be lead by the overarching Executive Council. Please click HERE or visit our website to see all of these important Volunteer leaders.