Seeking Beta Testers for New Diabetes App

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Diamon is a new mobile app designed to help families manage kids with T1D. Diamon’s goals are two-fold: 1) to improve communication and thereby reduce parental stress and 2) to improve proper and timely responses to an abnormal glucose value. This will hopefully not only improve the child’s time in range but also reduce parental concerns that proper actions are being taken by the youth or secondary caregiver.

How it works

Diamon takes real time CGM and ties it to instructions that parents fill in ahead of time. Whenever an abnormal CGM triggers the app, questions and instructions are sent to the youth, the parent and any other follower such as a school nurse or the babysitter. Diamon might ask the youth: “Do you have symptoms?” and a YES answer would result in an instruction to “Take a juice box”. The youth presses “DONE”. (For younger children, the caretaker might perform these actions.) The parent and everyone else sees that the youth was awake and took the juice box. This eliminates all the back and forth of texts, phone calls and worry. Diamon shows the same thing to everyone at the same time. No calls, no texts, no worry.

Volunteer as a beta tester

The app developer is actively seeking parents/caregivers of children with T1D ages 5-17 to beta test the app and provide feedback by filling out a short online questionnaire or through a brief phone interview. If you are interested, please reach out to Janice Bitetti at or (202) 746-4660. Currently beta testing can only be done using an iPhone.