Welcome New Board Members


We are pleased to announce the addition of five new board members to our Colorado Board of Directors and three new board members to our Utah Board of Directors.

Doug Culling, Jennifer Beauter, Luis Ambroggio, Maya Bordeaux, and Peter Coors have all joined our Colorado Board of Directors.

Christina Choate, Matt Edgington, and Terrance Holbrook have all joined our Utah Board of Directors.

Doug and his wife Mary moved to Boulder in August of 2021. They have three adult children; two sons (one with type 1), and one daughter who also has type 1. Doug and Mary have seven grandchildren all under the age of 4. Doug is a physician who has held leadership positions as Chief Medical Officer and Medical Group President in several large health systems in New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Virginia. He is currently retired. Doug also served on the Board of the Hampton Roads (Virginia) Chapter of JDRF for several years.

Jennifer’s T1D connection is her brother, Connor, who was diagnosed at age 5 and is now 24. She has been involved with JDRF since 2010, attending JDRF Government Days in Washington, D.C. for 3 years as the Advocacy Team Chair (ATC) for the Northeastern New York Chapter, and most recently as the new ATC for the Mountain West Chapter. Jennifer’s favorite thing to do with JDRF is Advocacy at JDRF One Walks. She loves recruiting new Advocates, hearing all of their T1D stories, and getting them excited to be a part of an organization that is truly invested in improving the lives of those living with T1D.

Luis Ambroggio has been a T1D since age 11 (almost 40 years ago) and is excited to be involved with JDRF once again. He has moved several times over the course of his life and in each location has been involved with JDRF. As a first-generation American, he is committed to diversity and inclusion in the organizations that he is involved in. He is the General Manager of Legal and Compliance for International SOS Government Services, an international health & security risk management company. He holds a BS from Cornell University, an MBA from Virginia Tech, and a JD from the University of Denver. He is passionate about finding a cure for diabetes, advocating for a diabetic’s workplace rights, and ensuring the affordability of diabetic healthcare expenses.

Maya is the Chief People & Culture Officer at ATPCO, where she serves as the global leader of Human Resources and Environment at a Dulles-based travel technology company that supports 440 airlines worldwide. Maya also recently founded Lead With Love Consulting LLC, a human resources and diversity consultancy. Prior to consulting, she served as Chief Human Resources & Communications Officer at Tribune Publishing. Maya has extensive human resources knowledge, with expertise in strategic leadership; culture transformations and change management; employee engagement; talent management; mergers/acquisitions; diversity, equity and inclusion; and executive coaching. Maya dedicates a significant amount of her time to public service, serving as a volunteer and Director on two non-profit boards at JDRF and UCAN, as well as providing pro bono legal counsel. She is also an accomplished public speaker. Maya holds the degrees of Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Loyola University Chicago and a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree from San Diego State University. She has been licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois since 2005.

Peter graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Operations Research in Industrial Engineering in 1999, then remained at Cornell University to earn his master’s degree in 2000. In 2001, Peter began his career with Coors Brewing Company in the packaging department in Elkton, VA. In 2003, Peter moved back to Denver to study brewing at Coors in Golden and received his Diploma in Brewing two years later. Peter’s career with Coors, Miller Coors and now Molson Coors has also taken him to Texas, California, and back to Virginia. Over the past 21 years, Peter has filled roles in Brewing, Packaging, Quality, and Customer Service.  Currently, Peter works in Molson Coors’ Golden Brewery leading a major capital project to modernize the brewery. Outside of work, Peter is married with four young children that keep him quite busy. He enjoys many outdoor activities. He is currently also serving on the Advisory Board for Metro State University’s School of Hospitality, Entertainment, and Tourism and volunteers with many charities around the Denver metro area.

Christina is a special education teacher and small business owner in Layton. Prior to moving west seven years ago, she was a member of the JDRF Advocacy team based out of Washington, D.C. where she focused on grassroots advocacy and government relations efforts for the T1D community. She was diagnosed with T1D at 11 years old and attended her first JDRF Walk in 2003 in her home state of Illinois. Prior to joining the JDRF Utah Community Board in 2023, she served as Co-Chair of the Youth Ambassador program for the chapter. She is grateful for the JDRF community and looks forward to a day (soon) without T1D.

Matt was diagnosed with T1D when he was 4 years old and has been involved with JDRF ever since. His father is also a T1D and together, along with his mother, grandmother, wife, and brother, have been participating in JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes events for the past 18 years. Matt and his wife, Laura, live in Millcreek and are avid cyclists, hikers, and wannabe trail runners. Matt does Business Intelligence and Data Analytics for Microsoft and has even been known to create his own apps using data from his CGM. Matt is new to Utah but has been involved in JDRF for over 20 years. He is looking forward to being involved in the Utah & Mountain West chapter.

Terrance is an executive product specialist in the health care, medical device, and pharmaceutical sciences. He has over 25 years in market research and expansion, product design, product launch, and product scaling. Terrance currently holds five active use patents in computer systems and machine learning. Throughout his career, he has overseen the scaleup of dozens of manufacturing operations globally and led the launch of over 200 products in both physical and computer applications. Terrance holds a bachelor’s business degree from Purdue University and an MBA in international business from Westminster College. Terrance is a Bountiful, Utah native with his descendants dating back to the early beginnings of the city. Terrance and his wife, Summer, have been married for over 25 years and have three daughters.