Fall Outreach Volunteer Training

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Share Your T1D Experiences and Become an Outreach Volunteer! The JDRF T1D Connections Program matches newly diagnosed individuals and families with others who have lived with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for years. JDRF Outreach Volunteers are the voices of experience and hope for those facing the challenge of learning to manage their T1D, or those transitioning to a new life stage with T1D. This initiative opens several opportunities for volunteers to take on new roles as Outreach Volunteers (OVs) to reach newly diagnosed families.

If you have had a direct T1D connection for over a year and are interested in learning more about becoming an OV, please contact Taylor at Tjennings@jdrf.org. New Outreach Volunteer training will be taking place this fall.

To learn more about JDRF Outreach Volunteers please visit: www.jdrf.org/t1d-resources/t1d-connections