Waterford Team Brings Family and Friends to Sacramento Walk

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Every year, the JDRF One Walk in Sacramento allows T1D patients, friends, and families to take part in something truly extraordinary! By engaging and mobilizing the local community, the Walk unites thousands of individuals together under a cohesive mission: advocating and funding a cure. The event is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, obtain valuable T1D resources, and exhibit support for JDRF — all while contributing to life-changing medical research.

The Casey family serves as an inspiring example of the Walk’s far-reaching positive impact! Their first encounter with JDRF occurred at the Sacramento TypeOneNation Summit in 2016.  Their daughter Bernadette had been diagnosed earlier in the year, and the family was searching for direction amidst the difficulty of the past several months. At the conference, mother Kari recalls hearing stories from longtime JDRF supporters, who reflected on the immense progress of T1D treatment and awareness over the past several decades. The family realized that JDRF could help build a better future for their daughter — one characterized by continual advancements in medical research. After learning about historical breakthroughs in T1D treatment, the Casey family felt humbled by past progress that enabled their daughter to lead a better life.  They immediately registered as Team Bernadette for the Sacramento One Walk, knowing it was their time to give back.

The Casey family lives in Waterford, a small town just east of Modesto.  Despite residing outside the immediate Sacramento area, they have found a team of supporters who join them each year.  Family, friends, co-workers, and employers have come together in helping them achieve fundraising goals through yard sales, direct donations, matching contributions, and more. According to Kari, “The support that we have received has been incredible … It has been such an amazing experience to be a part of the Sacramento One Walk and it is something we all look forward to every year”.

We thank the Casey family for their outstanding support, and we invite everyone to join us on Sunday, October 7th at the California State Capitol.  To learn more or to register, visit JDRF One Walk.



Written By: Lorena Bergstrom