Corey Colson – Bear 100


Managing type 1 diabetes and running ultra marathons may be difficult, but not impossible. I had the opportunity to run in Bear 100, a 100-mile race that starts in Utah and winds through the Wasatch Mountains to Idaho, and was able to successfully cross the finish line. This was an amazing, exhilarating, albeit challenging experience. Diabetes provided its own challenges, but during my training I was able to put a plan in place to help me successfully manage my diabetes with my Tandem T-Slim insulin pump. I am happy to say I was able to finish the race without experiencing any hypoglycemia!


My goal was to prove to myself and others that diabetes should not limit you from taking on and accomplishing extraordinary feats, while also raising money for type 1 diabetes research. The decision to fundraise for JDRF was a personal one and something I was beyond excited about. I chose to use JDRF My Way as it allowed me to fundraise while taking part in a challenging event that meant so much to me. 

I have lived with type 1 diabetes for 13 years and my goal is to educate people on type 1 diabetes and inspire those just like me to challenge themselves. 

For more information on how my experience at Bear 100 went, follow the link below.