New One Walk Team Fundraising Opportunity!

Jacksonville recently welcomed women’s jewelry designer Kendra Scott to the St. Johns Town Center! Kendra Scott believes strongly that giving back is the truest form of success. Kendra has been a great partner with JDRF across the country and our chapter is thrilled to now have a store here in our backyard. Giving back events are a fun NEW way to raise money for your walk team! Events are generally 3 hours in length and 20% of ALL proceeds from that 3 hour time block will go back to your Walk team. Am event marketing flyer is provided by KS as well as refreshments on your event day. For those of you who enjoy fashion jewelry this is a GREAT way to raise money for T1D research! To schedule a Kendra Gives Back Event, please contact Alexis Lahiff at 904-866-5235 or