USOA Mrs. Oregon Raises Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes

Kara Campuzano has been crowned United States of America’s Mrs. Oregon 2020. As the mother of a son with type 1 diabetes, Kara is dedicated to helping families who are dealing with a diagnosis. She wants to raise awareness of the condition, and her new role as USOA Mrs. Oregon is helping her do just that.

Kara’s son was diagnosed with T1D when he was only five years old. Now her son is 10 and doing well, but things aren’t always easy. “We have been blessed by the outpouring of support from the T1D community,” Kara says. Thanks to the support her family has received in the past, she’s now in a position to give back by helping others.

But she also needs to pay attention to her own health. Many mothers will appreciate how difficult it is to care for oneself while taking care of others. To prepare for the USOA Mrs. Oregon competition, Kara worked on pursing a healthier version of herself, by working out at least three days a week and eating healthier foods.

The USOA Mrs. Oregon competition was not Kara’s first pageant, but it resonates with her on a deep level. “I had heard wonderful things about how they empower woman to be their authentic selves and that they encourage their contestants to be actively involved in the community,” Kara explains.

As USOA Mrs. Oregon 2020, Kara will continue her efforts to educate others on type 1 diabetes. While preparing for the pageant, she spoke at the Amazing You Women’s Conference in Salem about her life as a mom, career woman and caregiver for a child with T1D. She also regularly shares facts about T1D with her friends and acquaintances. Many people don’t understand the differences between T1D and T2D, or about the struggles that people with T1D face, and she wants to change that.

“I have such a broader audience now than I ever did before,” Kara says, explaining how being USOA Mrs. Oregon 2020 is helping her spread awareness. “I also, literally, have a stage to speak on about T1D.”

Kara adds that she is not the first person to use the USOA Mrs. Oregon crown to raise awareness of T1D. Amanda Garcia, who was crowned USOA Mrs. Oregon 2019, also spoke about T1D. “The United States of America’s pageant will now have had two Oregon queens speaking on type 1 diabetes awareness and advocacy, consecutively!” Kara says.

In February, Kara will be heading to the national United States of America’s pageant. In the meantime, she will continue to be active in the T1D community. You can follow her on Facebook at or on Instagram at

Photo by Believe Photography