From the Very Start, it Has Always Been About Helping Each Other

We were brought together in 1970 by two moms determined to help not just their children, but everyone with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Our Community grew to include scientists, lobbyists, celebrities and children collecting coins at school – all determined to improve lives and find cures. Bound by a will stronger than the disease, the T1D Community will continue fighting until we finish with cures for everyone. In humble awe, we recognize all we have done in 50 years of working together.

Path to a Cure: An Interactive Timeline

Explore key events and achievements in the last 50 years of JDRF history with commentary, images and links to further information. Just a simple introductory paragraph about the timeline.

50 Years of The Power of Us

Champion Moments
That Have Propelled Us Forward

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Quotes Through the Years

  • If you need money for research, I’ll get you money!

    Lee Ducat, JDRF Founder, 1970

  • I realized that if I spoke out, I might be able to help others better cope and manage their diabetes.

    Mary Tyler Moore, spokesperson, JDRF International Chair, 1984

  • No one should struggle with this alone.

    Ardy Johnson, long-time JDRF volunteer, who helped launch JDRF’s Online Diabetes Support Team, 1995

  • This is a curable disease.

    Dr. Doug Melton, Harvard, 2019

  • We would not be able to do this research without the support of JDRF.

    Dr. Robert S. Langer, Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, 2019

  • Thank you JDRF. Praying for Cures. Keep doing what you are doing.

    Donna, mom to a T1D son, 2019

  • Strength in Numbers:
    The Power of Us

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