JDRF Mourns the Loss of Philip E. Cryer, MD

JDRF is saddened to learn that Philip E. Cryer, MD has passed away. Dr. Cryer was a seminal researcher in diabetes, specifically in the field of hypoglycemia. One of his many significant contributions is the discovery of hypoglycemia-associated autonomic failure, also called Cryer Syndrome, which suggests that repeated hypoglycemic incidents cause people to lose their ability to sense impending low blood sugar, thus making them even more susceptible to further hypoglycemic events.

“Dr. Cryer shone an important light on the impact of hypoglycemia and helped drive significant improvements in our understanding of this dangerous complication of diabetes,” said JDRF CEO Aaron Kowalski, Ph.D. “He provided valuable feedback to me about JDRF’s approach when I was a young scientist. He will be missed.” 

Dr. Cryer was the recipient of the JDRF Rumbough Award, which goes to an individual who has made outstanding achievements in the field of type 1 diabetes that have significantly accelerated the JDRF mission. He received many other accolades, including the Banting Medal for Distinguished Scientific Achievement from the American Diabetes Association.  

JDRF sends our condolences to his family, and thanks him for his decades of work toward JDRF’s mission.