JDRF Official Statement on Bipartisan Policy Priorities to Lower Insulin Costs

“JDRF applauds the bipartisan policy priorities announced today to lower the cost of insulin by Senate and Congressional Diabetes Caucus Co-Chairs, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO), and Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY). This framework not only caps monthly insulin costs at $35 per month for those with commercial insurance or those covered by Medicare, but it also establishes a structure to end the existing rebate system. For too long, the rebate system has distorted the market and rewarded higher prices at the expense of patients. Today’s announcement represents significant progress toward our shared goal of ensuring that everyone, regardless of insurance and financial status, has access to affordable insulin.  

We look forward to our continued partnership with the Senate and Congressional Diabetes Caucus leadership to support and advance these policies that will positively impact millions of Americans struggling to afford insulin.

 – JDRF, International