JDRF Statement on Novo Nordisk Insulin Price Reductions

Novo Nordisk announced a series of changes that will make their insulins more affordable for people living with diabetes.  This includes a reduction in the list price of four legacy insulin brands, including NovoLog®, NovoLog® Mix 70/30 and Novolin® and Levemir®. For example, when the price decreases go into effect in January 2024, NovoLog® will be $139.71 for a five-pack of injection pens and $72.34 for a vial. Novo Nordisk has stated that it will continue to provide co-pay support on its insulin products and that it intends to maintain its programs with Walmart and CVS which offer human insulin for approximately $25.  

JDRF is encouraged by the recent momentum in the ongoing fight for insulin affordability. We will continue to work with all stakeholders, including policy makers and industry, and support efforts like Civica, a non-profit insulin manufacturer, to ensure insulin is accessible and affordable to all who depend on it.