Join Team Weston at a JDRF One Walk this Spring

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Walking Strong: Team Weston’s Journey with T1D

Meet Weston Oliker, an incredible 8-year-old superhero who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 7. Weston’s story isn’t just about overcoming challenges; it’s about building a community, finding strength, and working towards a cure.


Joining the One Walk

Inspired by the desire to create a sense of community and support for Weston, his family decided to get involved with JDRF shortly after he was diagnosed. They registered for the Columbus One Walk and formed “Team Weston,” a group of family & friends dedicated to raising awareness and funds for T1D research. For Weston & his family, being part of the Walk and the JDRF community has been amazing, allowing them to make connections with others who are also on this T1D journey.

The Significance of Walk Day

For the Oliker family, Walk Day is a powerful experience, bringing together friends, family, and the entire community to rally behind JDRF and the T1D cause. It’s a visual representation of solidarity, a reminder that those affected by T1D are not alone in their journey and have so many loved ones supporting their goal to end T1D. The highlight for Weston? The capes awarded to the young superheroes, symbolizing the incredible strength they demonstrate daily.

Looking Forward to 2024

As they approach the 2024 Walk, the Oliker family is eager to see the continued appreciation for the superhero strength of all those living with T1D. The support and energy of the entire group are something they look forward to.

Tips for First-Time Walkers in 2024

For teams walking for the first time, the Olikers encourage the teams to remember the importance and purpose of the event – having fun while rallying behind those living with T1D and contributing to finding a cure. Oh and they also suggest bringing sunscreen 😉

Approaching the “Diaversary” with Wisdom

Reflecting on Weston’s almost one-year “Diaversary,” the Oliker family remembers sitting in the hospital, feeling shocked and overwhelmed with Weston’s diagnosis and all the information they needed to learn just to get through each day. The initial days are undeniably tough and full of emotions. But with each day, they became more capable, knowledgeable and strong. With time, patience, and grace, they’ve found strength and resilience. Weston, their T1D hero, is now not just surviving but is thriving! Fueled by his love for science & math, Weston is committed & determined to contribute to finding a cure one day.

In the journey with T1D, Team Weston is not just walking; they’re walking strong! Join Team Weston at a JDRF One Walk this Spring – Columbus on Sunday April 28th or at Kings Island in early June. Click here for more details.