Join Team Dominic’s Dominators at a JDRF One Walk this Spring

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In anticipation of the upcoming JDRF One Walk, we caught up with Dominic Peloso and his family, to learn about their inspiring journey and their involvement in the Columbus JDRF One Walk. Dominic is a spirited 9-year-old football player, diagnosed with T1D at the age of 5. Click here to visit Dominic’s fundraising page and learn more about how his team is tackling diabetes by hosting a FUN-raiser at the end of April!

What inspired you to get involved with JDRF and encouraged you to create a Walk Team?

The Peloso family has always been big on philanthropic efforts and giving back. When Dominic was diagnosed with T1D they experienced a lot of struggles with no prior knowledge of the disease. Fortunately, during this challenging period, another family dealing with T1D stepped in to offer guidance and support. Introduced to the JDRF One Walk by this compassionate family, the Pelosos, upon understanding the mission of JDRF, were inspired to contribute towards finding a cure!

What does Walk Day mean to you?

For the Peloso family, Walk Day is a special occasion where Dominic’s unique journey with T1D takes center stage. It’s a day to celebrate his resilience, surrounded by a community that understands and supports his daily fight.

What was your favorite part of Walk Day?

The highlight of Walk Day for the Peloso family is the sense of community and camaraderie. Sharing experiences, offering support, and engaging in fun activities make the event unforgettable. As they look forward to the 2024 Walk, they anticipate the reunion of this supportive community.

Tips for teams that are walking for the first time in 2024?

The advice is simple but powerful: Enjoy the experience and bring the whole family. With something for everyone, the JDRF One Walk is an opportunity to learn, celebrate, and join the fight against T1D.

 What are some things you learned that you would like to share with newly diagnosed families?

Navigating the world of T1D is daunting, especially for newly diagnosed families. The Peloso family encourages taking one day at a time, acknowledging that routines will become more manageable. They emphasize the importance of giving both the caregiver and the child leeway on challenging days, and, echoing the sentiments of Neil Greathouse, remind everyone that dealing with T1D isn’t a sign of doing a bad job but rather a difficult job.

Dominators exemplify the spirit of unity and teamwork that defines the JDRF One Walk. Join Dominic at a JDRF One Walk this Spring – Columbus on Sunday April 28 or at Kings Island on Saturday June 1.  Register today at!