Volunteers Needed for Families and Individuals Newly Diagnosed with T1D


The JDRF T1D Connections Program matches newly diagnosed individuals and families with others who have lived with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for at least one year. JDRF Outreach Volunteers (OV) are the voices of experience and hope for those facing the challenge of learning to manage their T1D, or those transitioning to a new life stage with T1D. OV’s play the lead role in building relationships with newly diagnosed families/individuals – welcoming, supporting, guiding, and connecting them to the larger T1D community and JDRF.

If you have had a direct T1D connection for over a year and are interested in learning more about becoming an OV, please contact:

Los Angeles – Elisabeth at efleshler@jdrf.org
Orange County – Robby at rmansfield@jdrf.org
San Diego – Deanna at dkasper@jdrf.org