Volunteer of the Month



Each month, the JDRF Southwest Ohio staff recognizes a special volunteer who goes above and beyond in supporting the chapter and is a positive ambassador for the organization.

June 2019 Volunteer of the Month
Melissa Webber

Melissa Webber became involved with JDRF almost 3 years ago after her son, Leo, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 4. She participated in her first One Walk just a few months after Leo’s diagnosis and has been generously giving her time to JDRF ever since. When asked what her most memorable JDRF moment was, Melissa said, “I will never forget seeing the Mile of Hope at our very first One Walk. Not only did Leo light up at the sight of his picture, but seeing all the faces of our local T1Ds in one place, surrounded by thousands of people supporting them and working together toward a cure, was an incredibly powerful moment.” When Melissa is not busy volunteering her time, she enjoys trying new restaurants and spending quality time with family and friends. Melissa makes an appearance at almost every JDRF event, and when asked to pick a favorite she said, “Do I have to choose just one? I love all of the events for different reasons. I love the One Walk because it is a fun day for our whole team of family and friends to come together and support Leo. I love the TypeOneNation Summit because I make valuable connections in our community and I always learn something beneficial that helps me better manage Leo’s diabetes. I love the Gala because the first-rate event blows me away every year and seeing Leo on stage helping with Fund a Cure is always special.”  To someone newly diagnosed with type 1, Melissa recommends taking advantage of all the support and resources that are just a click away, things like JDRF events and type 1 podcasts. She also adds “People in the Type 1 community are always willing to share a story and offer advice. Everyone understands how scary and overwhelming those first few months are want to help as much as they can.” Thank you, Melissa, for being a welcoming member of the T1D community and an invaluable JDRF volunteer!

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