Volunteer of the Month




Each month, the JDRF Southwest Ohio staff recognizes a special volunteer who goes above and beyond in supporting the chapter and is a positive ambassador for the organization.

November 2019 Volunteer of the Month
Brenna Smith

Brenna Smith began her journey with JDRF Southwest Ohio in August of this year, but has been a student of the Southwest executive director, Melissa Newman, since August of last year. Brenna works for JDRF as a development intern which has given her a glimpse into the amazing T1D community, this is a first for Brenna who had no immediate connection to type one. Brenna said her favorite JDRF memory was the Youth Ambassador photo shoot in which she spearheaded the costume and design of each ambassador. When asked what her favorite JDRF event was Brenna replied, “My favorite JDRF event is definitely the Bourbon & BowTie Bash. It’s so exciting to watch all of the hard work unfold and create a spectacular party, and to see everyone’s smiling faces makes it all worth it–not to mention the success and support from the event!” When Brenna is not busy selflessly volunteering her time to JDRF she enjoys sketching, watercolor, and embroidery. She also mentioned that when she has a day to herself she loves walking around the University of Cincinnati campus listening to her favorite songs. Brenna’s advice to someone recently diagnosed with T1D is, “The uncertainty that comes with T1D can be very frightening, but it’s important to know that there is an entire community of people that have or are experiencing the same thing as you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local JDRF chapter, they are always there to help.” Lastly, Brenna wanted to add a special thanks to the JDRF Southwest Ohio Chapter by saying, “I want to give a big thank you to the staff and volunteers at JDRF Southwest Ohio. I have only been with JDRF for a short time, but you have welcomed me in as if I’ve known you all forever. I couldn’t ask for a better first work-place experience, thank you for everything.” JDRF Southwest Ohio would like to thank you, Brenna, for volunteering your time to the T1D community and for opening your heart to the JDRF family!

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