The Last Hoorah for the 2018 JDRF Ride Season

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There are only three more JDRF Ride events left this season—it’s hard to believe how quick this year has gone! Thank you to all of our riders who have already completed their rides in La Crosse, Loveland, and Saratoga Springs. Every one of you has made a difference in the T1D community!

The next Ride for Team Western Wisconsin will take place in Amelia Island, FL on October 4th – 7th. Team Western Wisconsin is being represented by five Honey Badgers. These five Honey Badgers will be traveling to Florida to ride up to 100 miles for a cure! Located in Northeast Florida, Amelia Island is an island oasis just 35 miles from Jacksonville. This Ride is unlike any other, and its flat terrain makes it perfect for families and new cyclists.

  • Amelia Island Ride Participants: Lori Fons, Laura Jacobson, Will Jacobson, Ann Steck, and Mike Zimmer

After the Amelia Island Ride, members of Team Western Wisconsin will be headed to Death Valley, CA from October 18th – 21st. This year’s JDRF Ride to Cure in Death Valley will be especially memorable as the weekend will include a celebration for the 20th Anniversary of the Ride to Cure program. The first Ride to Cure took place in Death Valley and is an important location to many of our riders! There will be thirteen Honey Badgers there to join in the celebration.

  • Death Valley Ride Participants: Michelle Alswager, Jeff Bauer, Will Birkholz, Cat Borchardt, Chris Howell, Keith Keil, Nancy Keil, Lisa Ruth Krueger, Gary Peak, Doug Purvis, Jim Sands, Jeff Steuer, and Kate Steuer

The final Ride of the season will take place in Santa Fe, NM on November 1st – 4th. This is the inaugural event in Santa Fe and is shaping up to be a great event! Located 60 miles northeast of Albuquerque, Santa Fe is a historic city that’s known for its beauty, charm and culture. While it may be a moderately hilly ride, the six members of Team Western Wisconsin will surely be ready to rock it!

  • Santa Fe Ride Participants: Mark Bleifuhs, Cindy Brady, Joe Brady, Jody Montgomery, Courtney Odorico, and Jon Odorico

Best of luck to all of our riders—everyone back home in Wisconsin will be cheering you on. Let’s finish this season on a high note!