At Any Age, JDRF is There

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From the day of diagnosis to daily life decades later, JDRF supports and connects people in the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community to help them live better lives. Whether you’re interested in joining a virtual meet-up, in need of advice from someone who’s been there, or are looking for newly diagnosed resources—to learn T1D basics, how to educate others about T1D, and where to find more information and support—JDRF is ready to help, at any age or stage of the disease. Virtual meet-ups are hosted by JDRF chapters across the country and are open to all, connecting the T1D community coast-to-coast.

  • Newly diagnosed? We have you covered. From our Bag of Hope® for children and No Limits™ Teen and Adult care kits to a virtual meet-up twice each month hosted by the JDRF Mid-Atlantic Chapter, we’ve got the information you need to understand and manage the disease so you can stay strong and healthy until we find cures.
  • Are you the parent or caregiver of a child who has T1D? From virtual meet-ups for parents/caregivers of children under the age of 5, ages 5-12, and ages 13-21—which all take place every four weeks and are hosted by the Northern California Chapter—JDRF is committed to supporting you and your family and providing the opportunity for you to connect with others in the T1D community.
  • Teens only! Having T1D can add an extra layer of stress over and above the stress of being a teenager. As if school, making new friends, and navigating social situations isn’t hard enough already! JDRF has tips for teens talking about T1D in school and with friends. T1D Teen Connect, a virtual meet-up each month, is made possible by the Young Leadership Committee, a Bay Area group of young adults living with T1D, to provide a safe space for teens to speak freely about the challenges and triumphs of T1D.
  • Are you an adult with T1D? Whether you’ve been living with T1D for years or just diagnosed, please join our virtual meet-up for adults, where you’ll have the chance to connect with others in the T1D community. There are two adult meet-ups—one is hosted by the JDRF Northern California Chapter and the other is hosted by the Greater Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Chapter.
  • Prefieres tener tus encuentros virtuales en español? JDRF tiene una reunión virtual cada mes, organizada por el Northern California Chapter. Ya sea que usted o su ser querido hayan vivido con diabetes tipo 1 (T1D) durante años o hayan sido diagnosticados recientemente, únase a nuestra reunión virtual para tener la oportunidad de conectarse con otros miembros de la comunidad con diabetes tipo 1.
  • You have a burning question about T1D? Hop onto JDRF Northern California’s “Ask the Endo” virtual session. Whether you have a question on T1D technology, carb counting, or how to make sense of your CGM data, our endocrinologist is available to help answer all of your questions.

There are also these JDRF support services:

Community Forum: TypeOneNation is JDRF’s vibrant social network for people with T1D, their families, and their friends. The site is created for—and powered by—the T1D community. Members of this diverse and lively community exchange information, answers, and support. Anyone over 13 can sign up, connect with others, and join the conversation.

One-on-One Support: JDRF Outreach Volunteers have a personal connection to T1D and understand how overwhelming it can be to adapt to the daily demands of managing this disease. From diagnosis and beyond, they can help you and can introduce you to your local T1D community. Visit T1D Connections to connect with someone today.

Diabetes Help, On Call: The Online Diabetes Support Team (ODST) is made up of compassionate volunteers who know firsthand the ever-changing demands of living with T1D. They use their collective expertise to answer your questions and provide support on a myriad of T1D-related topics. Contact them with your questions, and we will do our best to email a response within 48 hours.