Jack’s Pack is Putting an End to T1D, One Step at a Time

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In October of 2019, Jack was just 13 months old when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

While at the hospital, a nurse handed Jack’s parents, Angie and Christopher Glyer, the JDRF Bag of Hope and said that the backpack contained great information and resources to help navigate the new norm of a life with a T1D child. The Glyer family quickly became aware of the impact that JDRF was making for people living with T1D and wanted to get involved.

As the Glyers were researching different support groups and getting a crash course on how to manage the disease, they came across the JDRF One Walk. Angie and Christopher knew that creating a walk team would be a great way to raise awareness of T1D among their friends and family, connect with other T1D families in the area, and an opportunity to make an impact in ultimately finding a cure.

Looking forward to May 2020, the Glyers are excited to have their friends and family join Jack’s Pack for the team’s first JDRF One Walk. “Jack is too young to understand now, but we want him to grow up knowing we’re in this together and what better way than having friends and family join us on the walk,” Angie explained. “Life gets busy, but having them show up means everything and helps us to remember that we’re not alone in Jack’s T1D journey.”

Angie and Christopher are determined to keep their happy little guy healthy and are hopeful that in Jack’s lifetime a cure for T1D will be discovered.

Join Jack’s Pack and hundreds of other local teams at the JDRF One Walk this year by signing up at walk.jdrf.org. Together, we will turn type one into type NONE!

For more information on the JDRF One Walk, please contact Development Manager Jenny Holmgrain at jholmgrain@jdrf.org or 202-465-4127.