NEW: JDRF Fundraising Card! Meet Your Fundraising Goal Easily!

We all know that even the thought of fundraising can be daunting and asking for money can be an uncomfortable and sometimes awkward task. That’s why the staff at the Central PA Chapter have created the JDRF Fundraising Card!

This card is a fundraising tool designed to make the art of fundraising a little easier. All you have to do is print out the card, fold it in half, write your name and team name on it, and pass it around at work, school, a family gathering, party etc! You will see that on each side there is a set of boxes, organized to spell out “JDRF” on one side and “CURE” on the other. In some of the boxes in each phrase, there are small donation increments, each with a reason to donate behind it.

We find that this card makes it easier to communicate the charity and mission that you are raising money for. When someone decides they would like to donate “$5 for T1D Prevention” they will sign or initial in that box and write a check or give $5 donation in cash! It’s that simple! If you fill out each box you can raise over $450.00 just by having this card completed on the front and back!

Print out as many as you like, distribute them to team members, friends, family, and co-workers and fundraise like never before!