Wife Appreciation Day


The following post was written by a JDRF Greater NYC Rider and Volunteer whose wife lives with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

In commemoration of National Wife Appreciation Day, I will celebrate the same way I do the other 364 days: By recognizing and appreciating the most amazing and wonderful life partner imaginable.

Is it common that women who grow up with diabetes become over-achievers? Donna was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 9. From an earlier age than most children, she had to take responsibility for her own care as she endured T1D. Now, more than 55 years later, she not only does a remarkable job of maintaining her own challenges. Donna has also raised 2 daughters who have T1D and made a career (as a CDCES) of helping others face their own diagnosis.

Diabetes is always present and significant in her/our life. Yet it hasn’t stopped her from enjoying the many life experiences that have interested her. She is an attentive and deeply loving mom and grandma. She says yes to every invitation that comes our way. We have traveled to many destinations that were on the “bucket list.” And while traveling is considerably more challenging for a person with diabetes, every hoped for trip has happened.

In our case, I am certainly not a caregiver. Rather I can only offer patience and being attentive to her emotional struggles. Patience because everything we do and everywhere we go requires more time and effort in both the planning and execution. And the emotional toll, while less measurable, is still a real result of being overwhelmed by the daily impact of T1D. The little I can do to be proactive is to participate in the JDRF Ride and to have served on the board of our prior local chapter, including a stint as co-president.

As a wife, companion and concerned professional, Donna is worthy of the GOAT designation. I Love her, admire her and consider myself lucky to be in her life and have her in mine.

With best wishes to all who commemorate this day,

Steven Trast