Neil Sprackling Completes 6th and Final Major World Marathon!

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Neil Sprackling has just completed his 6th and final Major Marathon by finishing his run in Tokyo, Japan!

However, this is not the beginning or the end of Neil’s JDRF journey. I got to hop on a call with Neil during the fall to discuss all the amazing work he has done and the 6 major marathons he has now completed including the Tokyo Marathon. Neil got involved after finding out one of his best friend’s daughters was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He started off by joining our Ride program and started with the Tuscon Arizona ride in 2017. Neil is not just doing this to help all of those who are currently diagnosed with T1D but to also make sure we find a cure in the future. His occupation has to do with the insurance of insurance companies, and so Neil sees how important it is for our world to find a cure for T1D every day purely in his work. He is always looking to leverage his connections in his field because the benefit goes beyond the present when looking for a cure. A cure will benefit future generations and directly impact all of the companies he currently works with. Explaining this to others that work around him, and an incredible amount of passion for helping others is why Neil is so successful in fundraising for JDRF.

This passion is also why he can do all of these events. Neil told me how he would never be able to perform these massive bouts of endurance and strength if it wasn’t for JDRF. He couldn’t have imagined doing a 100-mile bike ride without the motivation of finding a cure and improving the lives of those with T1D every day. Heading back to 2017, Neil completed the Amelia Island 50 miler, then the Death Valley ride in 2018, followed by the Saratoga Springs ride in 2019. Coming into 2020 he wanted to do something bigger than he had in the past and decided on the aptly named “20 in 20”. 10 half marathons and 10 40-mile bike rides in a single year, all while raising thousands of dollars for our mission. He says sees the direct change he is helping to create, and that motivates him all the more. With new devices, mental health improvements, and innovations coming every year, he knows he is making a difference, and it motivates him to keep pushing. All of this comes to a head this year, as he began running the 6 World Marathon Major in 2023. He has completed the Boston Marathon, London, Berlin, New York, Chicago, and now Tokyo! Neil is a shining star of the ride and JDRF Community, and we could not be happier to have him on our team fighting for a cure! Contribute to our Half Marathon here and celebrate the incredible goal he has achieved. Thank you for all you do Neil, and for sitting down to talk with me, you are an inspiration!