This summer, we are highlighting some of our amazing Walk Teams. This is a Q&A with Tiffany Smith, mom to Taylor.

Team name: Taylor’s Tribe

Years participating in One Walk: 2 years

Why do you care about this cause? Our son, Taylor was diagnosed with T1D on January 8, 2018. After a 2 day stay at UK Children’s Hospital, our new “normal” for our then, sweet five-year-old began. From day 1, Taylor has been so extraordinarily brave and accepting of his new lifestyle. His positive attitude and perseverance make us proud day after day. However, we always want him to know that he never has to face T1D alone. As a mom of a child with T1D, I knew the best way for me to cope with Taylor’s diagnosis would be by getting involved with JDRF. I’ve always taught my children the importance of giving back to our community and know that organizations such as JDRF truly fuel change and results.  Now, it’s even more meaningful to be involved since we are personally impacted by such an amazing organization.  This is why we participate in the JDRF One Walk with our family and friends and raise funds to advance research and find a cure.

What do you love about the Walk? The walk is a time for our family and friends to come together to celebrate Taylor (and others living with T1D) and show our support that he (and others) never have to face T1D alone. This is his (their) day. That feeling of being around others going thru the same thing we are going thru is comforting. We have made many connections and made many new friends thru JDRF and the walk. It is something we look forward to every year!