Our Mission Doesn’t Stop

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COVID-19 will change many things in the near future, but we can’t let it change our fight to cure type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the impact of this pandemic threatens to do. All of our in-person spring fundraising events—more than 40 across the country —have been postponed or even cancelled. JDRF may now be forced to make incredibly tough decisions about what research to consider cutting. But we know this: our events do not raise the money we need to fund research, our community does. And as we’ve seen through the solidarity and support over the last few weeks, we are a community now more than ever.

We can’t stop or slow down our work—if we do, we risk setting back the incredible progress YOU have made possible. In the coming weeks we will share with you opportunities to demonstrate the power of our community and ensure T1D research doesn’t stop. Though the May 16 Dream Gala will be postponed to late August, we are developing unique, engaging and fun “virtual” events for this spring. These events will provide a forum for you to make an impact and help us continue to fund critical research, like that being done by Dr. Brigitte Frohnert at the University of Colorado.

Dr. Frohnert is the recipient of one of JDRF’s early career patient-oriented Diabetes Research Awards, intended for clinical researchers at a relatively early stage of their career. Learn more about her work  as an endocrinologist and investigator, why her research focused on preventing T1D inspires so much hope – and why we must do all we can to protect the progress she and others are making in their pursuit of a future without type 1 diabetes.

If we take our foot off the pedal now, there will be ripple effects in our progress toward cures for years to come—and for the sake of all those impacted by T1D, we can’t let that happen.

Look for details soon about our virtual community events. If you have ideas or questions please call or email Hannah Hoogenboom at 303-209-7718, or hhoogenboom@jdrf.org.

Right now is an unsettling time for all of us, but being stronger together in times of uncertainty is what makes the JDRF community unlike any other. Together, we can continue to get closer to the day when T1D is no more.