Meet some of our Metro Roadsters and learn why they Ride!

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  Meet Kelly, a #JDRFMyRide marvel! Kelly rides for her friends with #T1D and loves being a part of the #MyRide community.














Meet Jon! Jon loves the things he’s learned about modern technologies since joining the #JDRFMyRide program!














Meet Cheryl! She loves the people she has met from #JDRFRide!














Meet Marc & Len! Marc rides for his brother Len & Len rides for everyone in #T1D community.
























This year is the perfect year to grab your friend who has been thinking about joining, but hasn’t taken the plunge! Whether you ride around the block or down the state and back – this year you make the rules.

Haven’t signed up yet? That’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Check out our blogpost at and join the fam!