JDRF Greater Western Carolinas 2021 One Walk: Celebrate Your Day, Your Way!

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We’re back! The JDRF One Walks in Asheville, Charlotte, and North Charlotte will come together at the 2021 Greater Western Carolinas One Walk on October 17. Join us for an in-person celebration at the Whitewater Center OR celebrate the  day your own way. However you choose to commemorate Walk Day, October 17 will honor your efforts toward
creating a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Sunday, October 17, 2021

How does the JDRF One Walk – Your Way! compare to past Walks?

There are two options for celebrating your success as a team and our strength as a community on October 17.

Option 1: Take a walk at the Whitewater Center!

Join us for JDRF Day at the Whitewater Center on October 17. Enjoy a wonderful day at this gorgeous park right outside of Charlotte. The Whitewater Center’s interconnected trail system empowers you to walk any distance—from half-a-mile to 5 miles. We will have a designated route on the paved pathway for our JDRF Families to walk, but all of the walking and biking trails are free and open to explore!

Option 2: Walk anywhere, anytime, your way!

Create a walk route in your neighborhood, challenge yourself with a long hike, or walk indoors on a treadmill— however you choose to walk, October 17 will be a day for our community to celebrate our stories, recognize our accomplishments, and walk to change the future for everyone living with T1D. JDRF will be celebrating and sharing stories with you at the park and on social media throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at Whitewater Center on October 17?

JDRF Day on October 17 is an opportunity for our T1D community to come together and enjoy a day together at the Whitewater Center, with its walking and biking trails. We will have a scavenger hunt for our teams, and fun activities throughout the day. Any Whitewater Center activity other than the biking and hiking trails, requires a paid access pass that can be purchased at the Whitewater Center. To highlight your JDRF spirit, please wear your Walk Team t-shirts, other JDRF t-shirts, or blue.

Is there a certain time I should come to the Whitewater Center on October 17?

To make it as convenient as possible for you, you can come to the Whitewater Center at any time between the hours of 10am and 4pm. This year’s OneWalk is a drop in experience and a preview of our venue for next year’s JDRF OneWalk.

May I turn in donations at the park on Sunday, October 17?

We encourage you to mail checks to the JDRF office at 205 Regency Executive Park Drive, Suite 102 Charlotte, NC 28217. Please include a note with your team name. If you have cash, we suggest you convert it to a check and mail it to the office. If you are unable to convert cash to a check, or mail your checks in, please contact Sally Langan at slangan@jdrf.org to schedule a time for drop off.

May I continue fundraising after Sunday, October 17?

You may absolutely continue to fundraise and receive more donations after Walk Day! Mail checks to the JDRF office and they will be credited toward your team and toward the National Walk incentives.

Will I have to pay to park at the Whitewater Center?

Parking is FREE for our JDRF Walk Teams. Just let the parking attendant know that you are there for the JDRF event and you will be able to park in any of the available lots.

Where are the JDRF Tents located?

JDRF will be set up under the “Big Drop Tents” along the Competition Channel. After you enter the Whitewater Center, look to the right and you will see 3 large white tents right in the middle of all of the action! The activities at the JDRF tents are for our T1D families. The activities at the Whitewater Center are for everyone! If you plan to bring a large team on October 17th, please consider meeting at a different location (reach out to JDRF staff for suggestions) and send your team captain to the JDRF tents to pick up your maps and supplies. For the safety of our T1D community, we are trying to avoid gathering in large crowds. Find a map of the JDRF OneWalk Celebration at the Whitewater Center here.

May I come to Whitewater Park if I don’t fundraise?

Of course! However, the OneWalk is one of JDRF’s key fundraisers. With no registration fee, all monies raised go to help fund research to cure, prevent, and treat type 1 diabetes. We encourage all participants to donate or solicit a donation to support T1D research. No donation is too small and every dollar raised will make a difference in our quest to turn Type One into Type None.

How do I fundraise during a pandemic?

The One Walk and Walk Day itself have always been focused on celebrating and recognizing our T1D community and their ability to further life-changing research by fundraising. Many of you have requested sample language to use in your fundraising efforts and we have compiled lots of those examples. For messages that you can use to share via email, text, social media, and beyond, please email Sally at slangan@jdrf.org.

Fundraising Incentives


Get your very own “Walk in a Box” to celebrate in style.Teams raising $2,500 will receive this special deliveryright to the team captain’s home. More information willbe sent to qualifying teams.

$1,000+ | V1P STATUS

Every walker who raises $1,000+ will earn V1P status andreceive this year’s exclusive V1P dry-wicking, short-sleeved shirt, badge, and lanyard. This is based onindividual totals, not team fundraising.


Every walker who raises $500+ will receive a fundraisingrewards catalog so they can redeem a prize of theirchoice. Visit your participant center for additional details.Reward catalogs will be delivered electronically4-6weeks after JDRF Day. This is based on individual totals,not team fundraising.

$100+ | WALK T-SHIRT

Every individual walker who raises $100+ will receive a2021 One Walk t-shirt! Shirts will be shipped directly toindividuals who hit this benchmark. This is based onindividual totals, not team fundraising.

Fundraising Ideas

Online Silent Auction

Consider hosting a silent auction online. Over the last year we have learned more people can join in the fun through an online auction. Utilize Google Forms to set up a virtual silent auction or pair it with an in person auction. Don’t forget about raffles and 50/50’s!

Bingo Squares

Creating a bingo board is a fun way to promote fundraising through Instagram Stories or other social channels. In summary, people purchase different squares and once there’s a BINGO or the whole board is filled then the fundraiser has to do something.

Bake Sale

If you have a love for baking, then a bake sale is a great option for fundraising. Offer people different incentives for donating to your fundraising goal. People love the personal touch and baked goods, like cookies or candy, are easy to send in the mail.

Coloring Your Hair

If [$X] is raised by [date] – you will dye your hair BLUE for diabetes! Let your child do your makeup/paint your nails/style your hair for the day

If [$X] is raised by [date] – this is also a great way to get coworkers involved if you are able to have this done on a day you have a team web conference or in person meeting!

Lip Sync Karaoke / Dance Revolution

For each donation, you will record yourself lip syncing to that donor’s song of choice or performing a dance style of their choice.

Electronic Cookbook

Ask friends and family or co-workers to submit their best recipes. Then, you can put them all together and sell them (digital versions) for a $20 donation.

Thirty Dollar Thursdays

On Thursday, ask your social media friends, family and network to donate $30 toward your walk team.

Flock your Yard

Years ago, there was a family in the San Antonio JDRF Chapter who would use blue painted flamingos to “flock your yard”. People would pay to flock someone’s yard. Create your own flock your yard!

Deliver for Donations

Have a bike or a car? Use it to set up a delivery service. Offer to transport mail or small packages for your friends, family and co-workers—or partner with local restaurants to deliver food and donate your tips to T1D.

Get into the PR Game

Change your voicemail greeting and email signature or add a line to your business card announcing your Walk and asking for support. Wear a bracelet or pin that invites others to ask about T1D and how they can support you. Contact the editor of your local paper or company newsletter and ask them to interview you about the Walk and provide details on how readers can support you.

Do you have more questions? Contact Sally Langan