Partner Spotlight: All for One Cares


JDRF North Carolina is proud to spotlight one of our partners, All for One Cares!

If you joined us at a JDRF North Carolina Walk or T1D Connections Day this past year or logged onto our virtual Spirit Week back in spring 2021, you might have crossed paths with Terry Ingram.  Mom to Gavin, who was diagnosed in 2015 with type 1 diabetes when he was 15 months old, Terry realized early on in her family’s T1D journey that finding reliable caregivers with diabetes management experience could be challenging and overwhelming.  She knew that this was a big need for the T1D community.


To meet this need, Terry founded All for One Cares, a service providing compassionate and experienced caregiving for those living with T1D.  As Terry, her staff and board knew, the responsibility of ensuring that a child living with T1D receives proper care can vary depending on the child’s age and what they are able to do for themselves on a routine basis and in an emergency.  All for One Cares helps parents that do not have a diabetes care support system within their circle of family and friends, as well as parents that could use additional support.  Whether providing in-home hourly sitters, chaperones for field trips and birthday parties or more, these caregivers are helping families like Terry’s shoulder the 24/7 burden of T1D.


To be able to do this type of work is meaningful and personal to Terry.  Founding a T1D caregiving service was not in her life or career plans, where she has dedicated over 15 years as a Certified Public Accountant working in assurance and advisory positions for domestic and global Fortune 500 companies — but T1D always has its own plans!


Now, All for One Cares is one of JDRF’s many diabetes industry partners, offering resources and support to families throughout the Charlotte and Piedmont Triad regions.  “I am a person of faith who believes all things good, bad or life-changing work together for our good, so that we can take those experiences and find our purpose.  This life-changing event has led me to create to help as many families as possible.  Every year, we look forward to meeting with families at JDRF sponsored events, and we are exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to partner with JDRF in supporting the diabetes community.”


Thank you, Terry and All for One Cares, for partnering with JDRF North Carolina as we work toward our shared goal of improving lives while fighting for a type 1 diabetes cure!

This educational content is made possible with support from All for One Cares.  JDRF produces this content to provide information to our supporters about their options for managing their T1D and not as an endorsement of products.  Editorial control rests solely with JDRF.


Terry Ingram
Terry talks with JDRF T1D Connections Day attendees