PNW TypeOneNation Summit Recap!

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THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at TypeOneNation Summit on Saturday November 4th in Auburn! Together, we kicked off National Diabetes Awareness Month with a day of type 1 diabetes community, support, and education.

If you were unable to make it, here are some highlights to share! 

We started the day with a big JDRF Welcome and Research Update where we learned the latest in T1D research. Our breakout sessions allowed for honest discussions and insights from the experts! View the slides from Diabetes and Dedication: Succeeding with Sports & Exercise and resources from Mindful Self-Compassion and T1D.  

Tenoa and Terrence Spencer took center stage as our keynote speakers, recounting their path as creative directors and choreographers. They shared not just their artistic talents but also their relentless determination to succeed in the face of T1D. Terrence was diagnosed as a young adult, followed by his twin brother Tenoa about two years later. Thanks to vigilant screening, Tenoa was well-informed about the signs and symptoms, preemptively aware of the potential for him to develop type 1 diabetes. 

Their keynote address was nothing short of inspirational. Tenoa shared, “You can do whatever you want. You can be whatever you want. It can be hard, but it’s not impossible. We want to reach every parent, every kid that has type 1 diabetes and let them know that they can do anything they set their mind to.” Terrence echoed this sentiment, “If we had access to something like TypeOneNation Summit, we can only imagine the possibilities.”  

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made this special day possible! Register now for the virtual TypeOneNation Summit, T1D Across the Globe, on World Diabetes Day November 14th!