Beat the Bridge Team Spotlight: Team M&M

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Team M&M is back once again for the 42nd Annual Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes on Sunday, May 19th! Both M’s know what it’s like to live with and conquer type 1 diabetes on a daily basis, which is why they love Beating the Bridge each year, together. Melissa was diagnosed with T1D at age fourteen and Maddock, her son, was diagnosed at age two. Both Melissa and Maddock love sharing their stories, educating others about T1D, and never letting it get in their way.

Over the years, Melissa has lived abroad in France, ran several half marathons, and now serves as the Director of College Counseling and Student Success at The Bush School in Seattle. Maddock is a thriving seventh grader who loves playing goalie for his soccer team in addition to both baseball and ultimate frisbee. He loves to travel with his family, playing the guitar, and talking about trees to anyone who will listen.

Type 1 diabetes is definitely a big part of life in the Lanctot family household but, because of that, it is also incredibly normalized and celebrated. The millions of dollars raised through Beat the Bridge have made Melissa and Maddock’s lives easier so they can live the active lives they love. Our mission is to push research progress forward until one day they can say they no longer have T1D. Team M&M can’t wait to see friends, family, and the Beat the Bridge masses out there at Husky Stadium on event day!

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