As an organization founded and driven by individuals and families personally effected by type 1 diabetes, JDRF understands that the most effective and powerful means of disseminating, and relating, information is still person-to-person and volunteer-to-volunteer.  The Research Information Volunteer (RIV) program is founded on this basic principle.  The job of a JDRF RIV is to tell the JDRF story; to communicate not just a string of disjointed research facts, but a relevant narrative that describes the science, JDRF’s research priorities, challenges, programs, and progress within a framework that helps integrate the pieces into an easily understood and exciting whole.

RIVs are educated about the state of diabetes research science, JDRF’s Research strategic plan, priorities, challenges, and needs, and JDRF’s progress and successes. They participate in monthly calls and periodic Research Town Hall calls as well as have access to JDRF intranet materials, slide presentations and other JDRF communication materials.

To contact an RIV or if you would like to ask an RIV to attend one of your events, click here.

Current Research Information Volunteers:

John Lyons, Chief RIV
Mark Kacher
Malissa Sarver
Dr. Russ Vester