June News from the JDRF Arkansas Chapter

The Power of Us LIVE!

As charities across the nation are navigating unique and unparalleled times, JDRF’s commitment to the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community and our mission remain constant. On Tuesday, June 23 at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT, we’re inviting the diabetes community to come together for the Power of Us, a national first-of-its-kind livestream broadcast hosted by CNN’s Cristina Alesci.

Join us for an inspirational evening of storytelling and recognition to highlight our volunteers, donors and supporters, reinforce our commitment to the mission and uplift and celebrate the power of the T1D community.

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Researching New Types of Insulin

JDRF is funding research into three new types of insulin—drugs that act more authentically like insulin produced by the pancreas in people without T1D by working faster, making it to the liver and being glucose responsive.

  • Ultra-Rapid Insulin will lower blood glucose immediately after administration without lingering in the body for hours, ideally working at a similar speed to naturally-produced insulin.
  • Liver Targeted Insulin will reach the liver, an organ where insulin activity is critically important but which currently available insulins do not reach in adequate amounts.
  • Glucose Responsive Insulin (also called GRIs, or smart insulins) will be administered into the body and activate or deactivate based on the amount of glucose present.

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Caregiver Training Zoom Meeting June 22, 5 p.m.

Finally, feel comfortable enough to take the night or weekend off! Send your support team to learn the basics of type 1 diabetes (T1D) management. This free training is designed for school nurses, teachers, babysitters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends who want to support families living with T1D, by giving them a safe childcare option. Space is limited!

Join the Greater Western Carolinas JDRF Office and Linnet Steinman, RN, MSN, CDE at Levine Children’s Hospital and mother of two sons living with T1D on June 22nd at 5 p.m.

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Heat and Type 1 Diabetes

It is important for everyone to beware of the heat – and the various effects that it can have on our bodies. Have you ever noticed your blood sugar either spiking or dropping rapidly in severe temperatures? Many people with Type 1 diabetes run into this issue and have been baffled as to why. Heat may have much more of an impact on your blood glucose levels than you realized! Keeping a close eye on your BG becomes even more important when in areas with higher temperatures.

Click this link for more information on heat’s role in blood sugar fluctuations, and some actors to keep in mind while enjoying your summer fun in the sun with Type 1!

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