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Schools as One for Type 1 Diabetes

Schools as One for Type One Diabetes

Schools as One for Type 1 Diabetes is a way for youth, teens, and young adults to help make a difference in the fight against T1D. 

Program Purpose

Schools as One for Type 1 Diabetes is an educational, youth fundraising program with two goals: to educate students, teachers, and families about type 1 diabetes (T1D) and provide them with an opportunity to have an impact in the fight against T1D through fundraising. This program will help raise awareness about T1D within your school community and can be completely customized to fit your school’s specific needs. JDRF staff will support you along the way by providing educational resources, fundraising tips, and creative coaching to help make your school event a success! 

Program Outline

Getting Started

  • The Participant Guide is a great jumping-off point to learn more about the Schools as One for Type 1 Diabetes Program.
  • School Kickoff Event
  • Introduce the program – this can be done in homeroom, virtually, or with a school-wide assembly. If you have students with T1D in your school, see if they would be willing to share their story.
  • Send an email or letter to parents explaining the program using the Parent Letter Template(Spanish version available down below).

Host School Fundraiser

  • Choose between a variety of Fundraising Ideas including JDRF themed spirit week, selling JDRF paper sneakers, tickets to a school sporting event or dance, bake sale, change wars, stuck for a buck, pie to the face, student v. staff dodgeball game, etc.
  • Build excitement by promoting the fundraiser during the Morning Announcements 

Implement Diabetes Education

  • Students will learn about the warning signs and symptoms, management of diabetes, and the difference between type 1 and type 2.
  • We offer a variety of classroom resources in the Teacher Toolkit including educational videos, informational text, and classroom activities!

School Walk Day

  • Announce fundraising total and reward top fundraising students, class, or grade level 
  • Entire school community coming together as one to celebrate their success 
  • Walk around the school, wear JDRF blue, field day or fun day 

Program Resources

 For more information contact Rona Rosenberg at

Head to DIY Page to learn more about how to register your School for a Walk HERE!

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