Join Jambo and JDRF for a Twitch Charity Stream in July

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Calling all gamers!

Don’t miss this opportunity to tune in and support a fellow Colorado-based T1D during July for a massive charity streaming campaign in collaboration with JDRF’s Game2Give program!

When? July 4 – July 15! The stream will kick off at 11am MT on Monday, July 4, and continuing through Friday, July 15.


What? Jambo is a verified content creator on Twitch (a livestream community platform) with T1D that is looking to raise $50,000 in honor of her birthday on July 22 via JDRF Game2Give on Tiltify. Every dollar Jambo raises in July through Game2Give will support the Mountain Region!

What is charity streaming? Charity livestreams are fundraising broadcasts on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Streamed activities can include video games, live music, fitness, tabletop games, cooking, hobbies and even just chatting. Viewers make donations, similar to a TV telethon!

How does this support JDRF? Jambo’s charity streaming efforts are brought to you by JDRF’s very own Game2Give program. Game2Give brings together players, streamers and developers to foster community, fundraise and build awareness for T1D through the power of video games! Founded in 2019 by T1D parents in the games industry, the program has raised over $2M for JDRF to date.

You can find more information and learn more about Game2Give at