T1D Across the Globe

JDRF wrapped up our 2023 TypeOneNation Virtual Summit series with T1D Across the Globe. The event, hosted by sports broadcast TV journalist Jordan Ligons Robinson, featured leading voices from the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community talking about the exciting progress happening all over the world.

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The New World of Type 1 Diabetes

Dr. Jeremy Pettus is an endocrinologist and associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, and Director of Type 1 Diabetes Track at Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD).

Dr. Pettus acknowledged that while the “struggle is real” with T1D, there have also been a lot of very positive advancements in recent years that make life with T1D easier and healthier:

  • T1D technology is booming. This means better diabetes control and less mental burden.
  • There are newer insulins and new forms of glucagon that are more effective and easier to use.
  • Other medications are now being explored to help improve blood glucose control.
  • We have our first-ever approved drug, Tzield, to delay the onset of T1D.

Dr. Pettus is extremely optimistic about the future. “People with T1D are now living longer than people without diabetes because we’re so in tune with our health,” he said. “It really is an amazing day to have type 1 diabetes.” 

Updates from Our CEO

JDRF CEO Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D., discussed the importance of research and advocacy in developing advanced therapies and cures for T1D.

Cell therapies and disease-modifying therapies are two of the most promising approaches to curing type 1 diabetes. JDRF has been supporting both for decades and there have been exciting advances recently:

But if you don’t have access to these therapies and treatments, you don’t benefit from the research. That’s where JDRF Advocacy comes into play. We’ve made some important wins recently:

But gaps to access remain. JDRF is working to ensure that all advances are available to all people with T1D, no matter who they are or where they live.

“Continue to use your powerful voices to drive change, to drive funding, to drive insulin affordability, to drive access, and to help us make cures a reality for the entire type 1 diabetes community,” Dr. Kowalski said.

Research Updates from JDRF’s International Affiliates

JDRF’s vision of a world without T1D requires global collaboration. We have five international affiliates amplifying our global efforts: Australia, Canada, Israel, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

JDRF Australia

Flag of AustraliaMike Wilson, CEO of JDRF Australia, shared an exciting JDRF-funded research program called ENDIA: Environmental Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity which explores the interaction between the environment and genetics that lead to the triggering of T1D. ENDIA is helping to shed light on the environmental factors that cause T1D by monitoring babies with an immediate relative with T1D from pregnancy through to childhood, as well as their parents.

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JDRF Canada

Flag of CanadaJessica Diniz, President and CEO of JDRF Canada, detailed JDRF-funded research led by Dr. James Shapiro, who is best known for leading the team that developed the Edmonton Protocol in 1999. Dr. Shapiro and his team are looking for ways to reduce the level of immunosuppression needed after transplantation of donor islet cells, including using an infusion of regulatory T-cells to prevent graft rejection and autoimmune response.

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JDRF Netherlands

Flag of the NetherlandsDiederik Veldkamp, CEO of JDRF Netherlands, explained several JDRF-funded projects at Amsterdam University Medical Centers that focus on mental health. One study explores whether the app MyDiaMate, when combined with regular care, can reduce worries and tension surrounding T1D, also known as diabetes distress. Another, the Diabetes Body Project, is a study developed for young women in the type 1 diabetes community to promote a healthy body image and prevent eating problems.

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Flag of the United KingdomDan Farrow, Head of Community Engagement of JDRF UK, discussed the JDRF-funded study ELSA: Early Surveillance for Autoimmune Diabetes. This research aims to screen 20,000 children aged 3-13 across the UK for T1D. The study will provide crucial insights into practical and effective ways to screen large numbers of children. This study will potentially lay the groundwork for a UK-wide screening program.

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While our JDRF Israel team was not able to join us with a message, we are happy to share the team is safe and providing community support to people with T1D in Israel. JDRF International supports those efforts and is also
working with our global partners to determine the best way to support the entire T1D community in the impacted regions. When we have tangible ways
to help people living with T1D in the region, we will share them with our community.

The Global Power of Video Games

JDRF Game2Give is a global program spreading awareness, promoting representation, and fundraising through the power of video games. Through in-game integration, live stream fundraisers, game bundles, and eSports tournaments, the program has raised more than $3 million since its inception.

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